Detached house bathroom

Supply and laying of floors and sanitary ware

25 square meters

The aqua green bathroom: how to make a bathroom look modern and fresh using colours


Have you always dreamt of having a bathroom with aqua-green tiles, but the fear of daring has always stuck you? Colored tiles always create many doubts in their use. but if combined wisely they will make the bathroom unique and personalized.

For our customer, we combined the following colours:

  • • coating aqua-green tiles laid only at the base, so as to create a kind of skirting board;
  • • coating white, glossy tiles, with a really elegant texture that looks almost like an embroidery lace (if observed up close);
  • • aqua-green mosaic to coat the shower interior and create a decorative band.

The result? An elegant and at the same time modern bathroom. Using coloured tiles for your bathroom is not an extreme choice: if you match the right colours, you will get a result that will never tire you over the years.

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