Living room and bathroom

Supply and laying of floors, sanitary ware and bathroom furniture

50 square meters

Renovation of modern white and grey apartment

For A&F we took care of the renovation of their apartment making it modern using the shades of white, grey and black.

Living room and kitchen

The open space is divided by a glass wall, which makes the living area more intimate, from the dining one. On the floor we laid 120×120 matt marble-effect porcelain tiles. The white colour with the delicate light grey veins makes the living room brighter and decidedly modern in style. The large format enables less space between tiles and, above all, a more spacious perception of the room.


The Bathroom

The renovation of this bathroom was really radical. We got a really great result. Here is what we used:

  • walls: white concrete-effect porcelain tiles, 120×260 size, 6.5 mm thickness;
  • floor: light grey concrete-effect porcelain tiles, size 120×260, 6.5 mm thick;
  • • floating cabinet, dove-grey wood-effect, with drawers and a matt concrete-effect column;
  • taps with a modern and square style;
  • recessed wash basin with central mineral-marble tank;
  • • ground sanitary ware with a rounded, but modern shape.
  • shower tray80×120 in resin;
  • • shower stall with angular opening, transparent glass 6 mm thick.


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