The home spa

Spa in a private home

Supply of sauna, tiles and sanitary ware

25 square meters

Creation of a private spa at home: the perfect wellness corner

Having a spa at home, all to yourself in which you can access it at any time, is a dream that many would like to realize. We have fulfilled our customer’s wish by creating a space dedicated to wellness in a corner of his home. The result is an elegant wellness corner that exudes a feeling of relaxation just by looking at it.

In particular, we were responsible for the supply of:

  • sauna
  • stone effect tiles
  • real wood for interior wall panelling
  • sanitary ware, shower cubicles and tapware


Wellness in the home for great moments of relaxation

The aim of creating this wellness corner in the home was to create a space in which we could escape and forget about the outside world.

That’s why we thought of bringing a bit of atmosphere and mountain flavour, which would immediately evoke a holiday feeling. Here is what we used for this home spa:

  • 192x156x204 h cm sauna with precious wood and 8mm toughened glass door. Inside, stove with volcanic stones and backlit digital control panel;
  • stone-effect stoneware tiles, opaque and in different sizes. The movement, colour and surface of the tile make the floor look natural, almost as if you were walking outside;
  • bathroom adjoining the sauna with a stoneware washbasin countertop covered with the same tiles as the floor to give continuity to the room
  • Clean, essential sanitaryware in rounded, minimalist shapes;
  • Walk-in shower with glass enclosure;
  • real woodto clad the interior walls and door of the bathroom. This touch is really sensational: it gives you the feeling of being immersed in nature.

Everything has been personalised with antique furniture, a wall that has been converted into a bookcase and wooden candle blocks. The soft light, the scent of candles, the silence and the warmth of the sauna allow you to abandon yourself in total relaxation, forgetting the efforts of the day.

The work is not yet finished as the next step is to install the whirlpool bath. In spite of everything, as you can see, creating a spa at home is not that complicated. The right choice of materials, the balance between colours and the study of space allow you to obtain a truly satisfactory result.


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